Aldena windows can be customized with many different accessories to increase performances, comfort and security:

Burglar-proof hardware:

T-shaped pins that lock into special metallic eyelets on the frame. When the burglar tries to pry the window, the shape of these elements blocks their movement.

Lock defender:

a reinforced steel spinning plate placed in front of the cylinder lock. When the drill bit tries to pierce the lock the defender rotates freely and the bit cannot drill the metal.

Hook lock:

reinforced hardware that clings the sash to the frame.

Argon gas:

a noble gas with very low thermal conductivity that is used instead of air between the two glass panes to increase the insulating power of the glazing.

Warm edge:

a profile used to separate the glass panes, made in plastic instead of aluminium to decrease lineat thermal transmittance.

Thermal break jamb:

bottom profile of patio doors that creates a tight stop, made of aluminium for maximum durability and with a plastic inlay to avoid heat transmission.

Hinge covers:

finishing caps that cover window hardware and match colour and tyle with the handle.

Acoustic glass:

a special type of laminated glass, with a soundproof PVB film able to decrease noise transmission.

Solar control glass:

a coated glazing that reflects a higher quantity of solar energy and avoids room overheating

Magnetic alarm contact:

a magnetic sensor embedded into both the frame and the sash that detects opening.

Infrared alarm bar:

side profile that detects external objects approaching, triggering the alarm before that the burglar can damage the window.

Microwave alarm sensor:

a radio source that triggers the alarm when the electromagnetic wave beam bounces off an object.

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