Thermally-cut window sills

Thermally-cut window sills

An efficient window loses part of its insulating properties when incorrectly installed. In order to avoid this drawback, Aldena has developed an innovative solution. The window should not be considered as an independent element, but it must be designed according to the wall it will be installed in.

standard-window-sill-energy-dissipation-thermal-bridge Note how the temperature right below the window frame is as low as 10,7 °C because of the thermal bridge caused by the window sill. This value lowers room temperature, dissipates energy and carries condensation and mildew.

The system proposed by Aldena lies in cutting the window sills and introducing a highly-insulating thermal break.

Isotherms highlight the performance increase. Wall temperature under the window rises to 17,5 °C. Improved insulation, as well as being desirable for energy efficiency, reduces the chances of mildew caused by condensation.


Aldena can work in close contact with architects and builders since the planning stage in order to foresee the prompt implementation of these solutions. Our technical staff will provide consultancy and assistance needed to any construction, both in timber and in concrete.