Aldena design and builds shutters that will fit all your needs.

Our shutters line is made of a plethora of models designed to fit every need; all our shutters can be custom developed to fit every material and design preference.
From our most comtemporary models like shutter PIANO with inner and outer smooth surface, or ICS with inner and outer vertical carving to more classic and country looking models like shutter ROCCA with outer vertical slats and inner horinzontal shingles or RIO with outer vertical and inner horinzontal carved lines to make a “shingles” effect.

All our models are available with the following opening styles: two solid panels, 4 hinged panels, or 4 folding panels; They can be equipped with black or custom-painted hardware, wall-mount pintels, hinges, slide bolt or espagnolette lock. They can be integrated with the window and they can be equipped with an embedded flyscreen.

Finally our most modern line closes the range with Regolo, smooth shutters that can be equipped with an invisible motorization and can be milled with a custom pattern or @ scuro scorrevole a scomparsa ad incasso all’interno del muro con struttura in acciaio tubolare rivestito in Meg.

All our products have Weatherproof eco-friendly water-based paints.

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