Fight the cold with 5 simple tricks

Fight the cold with 5 simple tricks

Frost is coming to Italy bringing cold, snow and temperatures below seasonal averages. And as energy needs for heating increase, Eastern European countries reduce natural gas supplies to cope with the same emergency. This combination of low temperatures and shortages of fuel at the moment is a conjuncture at the limits of the exceptional; however the progressive depletion of fossil fuels and climatic instability are two phenomena destined to become part of everyday life in the coming winters. All this underlines once again the importance of adopting important measures in terms of energy savings and renewable sources. Every day it becomes more important to decrease our dependence on the climatic and political variability of supplying countries, in particular Russia and North Africa.

Changing old windows with new energy-saving windows, with low-emission double glazing, allows access to the 55% deduction from taxes. Furthermore, the investment increases the value of the property and pays for itself within a few years with savings on heating bills and living comfort. The substitutions of the frames are however jobs that require 2-3 month time frames: what can we do to combat the cold spell that will hit our country even harder in the immediate days? How can we better isolate our home even if it is not equipped with good doors and windows?

– First of all we recommend not opening the windows if it is not absolutely necessary. The drafts, the ventilation holes, the extractor hoods, the chimneys and the opening of the entrance doors almost always guarantee the minimum air circulation necessary allowing us to avoid the ventilation of the premises at least during this period.

– If your home is equipped with shutters, shutters, shutters, roller blinds or other blackout systems, we advise you to close them as soon as the sunlight becomes insufficient. Although the thermal insulation provided by these systems is minimal, it must be added to that provided by the window, guaranteeing a reduction in the waste heat.

– Try to pass your hand around the window, between the door and the frame: if you feel the colder air means that the closure is not perfect. You can do a further test by checking if on a windy day the flame of a candle tends to shift. In these cases, it may be necessary to adjust the hinges or replace the seals. There are commercially available adhesive rubber strips that are cheap and very easy to apply.

– If the window slams shut the glass, probably the grout or silicone has dried and let the cold enter. Provide a small round of transparent silicone on the outer side of the slab, which will also reduce the noise.

– If you have French doors with automatic cold cut, check that they work properly. If they are not present, you can mount some anti-draft brushes that close the gap between the door and the floor. These items can also be purchased at hardware stores at reasonable prices.

Clearly these interventions are simple palliatives that do not solve the root problem. Nevertheless, they are very fast and cheap and allow you to better withstand the cold of these days.