windows and doors
Aldena design and architectural solutions is a point of reference for Italian doors, windows and interior design.

Thanks to a time-tested group of partners and designers, Aldena guarantees quality and safety of the highest level, total assistance from the planning phase to final installation, with a special care on a continuous research for new, creative and sustainable solutions.
Steady investment in advanced training and professional education creates unique products that fit in every environment, be it indoor or outdoor, without limits of application.

What you want is what you get: All of our products are fully customisable in order to meet your needs.
A wide range of materials, hardware, sizes and finishings are available for your choice.

Moreover, our designers and our technical staff can assist you from the early development steps of every kind of building, be it commercial, residential or public.
Aldena takes care of every step from the design to final installation.

We can cooperate with interior designers and architects and produce any kind of window and door based on your design.


We have now become one of the few certified partners of the ClimateHouse Agency, the most important independent Italian certification body for the energy efficiency of the construction sector.

Our windows are at the cutting edge of energy efficiency, reaching insulation values as low as 0.8 W/m²K, suitable for Class A houses, passive houses, and low- to zero-energy buildings.

We also study the wall composition to identify the best materials and installation techniques to minimize losses and increase acoustic insulation.We can supply environmentally-friendly products that respect the strictest green building practices and recommendations.

We can operate all over Italy, in the European Union and in all other countries of the world.