Timber houses spanning the past, present and future

How can we choose the most suitable windows for these buildings?

Timber houses have been spreading in many countries over the last years. In many zones, especially Northern Europe and Northern America, they are an established building technique that is now living a deep innovation especially in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Timber was the first construction material since prehistory; it still is widely used thanks to its many advantages as direct availability, unmistakable look, low cost, good stability, total absence of dangerous chemicals and workability. Recently, with the increasing focus on environmental and energetic issues, it is at the centre of a renewed interest and its performances have been increased. New laminated timber beams guarantee good strength along with reduced weight and a surprising resistance to fire. Insulated walls with a caulked cavity are characterised by a low thermal transmittance that make them suitable for passive homes. Moreover, if a modular panels structure is chosen, both costs and construction timetables can be reduced.

In order not to void intrinsic advantages of timber structures, optimized window must be installed to match these characteristics. Being a green company, Aldena has developed a complete series of windows with a thick wooden frame, renewable and resistant. Double and triple low-emission magnetronic glass glazing with a very low thermal transmittance effectively insulate timber houses completely respecting environmental, ethical and energetic parameters.